Working on a terrace? These are 7 tips for a hot day!

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Working on a terrace with too less colleagues and way too many guests? And then they also say; “What a relaxed job you have, working in the sun!” We know better. Seven terrace-tips to spice-up your working day and to keep it fun and easy for yourself during the warmest days of the season.

1. Sell an entire bottle!

You are trying to keep your cool when it’s a warm day and walking back and forth to a table for two glasses is not helping. Instead, sell an entire bottle of wine, or an ice-bucket with beer bottles! Guests love ice-buckets, employers like the revenue and you enjoy less walking. It’s a straight-up win-win-win

2. Provide your guests with a steering suggestion

Overheated guests experience even more difficulties in their decision making process for their order. “Well, what do I feel like having on this hot day?” You don’t want to get your colleagues in the kitchen, where it is approximately 50 degrees right now, in more fuss today, so you say; “Well Miss, our barbecue sate and the main course salad with gambas are our best sellers this season! Which one would you like me to order for you?”

3. Don’t run!

By keeping your cool and a brief explanation to your guests that it might take a little longer today, you achieve way more than all waiters speed walking. It is way too warm to do that. Think about the pace of the waiters in the warmest country you have ever been. Well, that’s the pace I am talking about.

4. Do not get sunburnt or dried out

Drink plenty of water and make sure to protect yourself against the sun. Also remind your guests about the sun-screen-moments. Get sunburnt and then a tan? That was ‘hot’ in the 80s, not anymore.

5. Panic! Luckily, the Panic Menu

On the busiest days of the season, people understand you do not offer your complete assortment. On Kingsday you don’t do that either, right? The waiting time is way longer if we keep on offering the total menu as if we’re just covering the 16 tables inside. We’re five times our size right now! The Panic Menu brings peace. Don’t use it too often, but use it for moments you must. You will notice that peace will be restored, especially when you ensure the things you do serve are really good.

6. Don’t worry

And then, on a day as today, the people on table 7 both order a hot chocolate. And table 4 does not understand the longer waiting times and orders at the bar. And that prick on table 8 thinks he is the only one on the terrace. And the do-it-yourself-guest is present as well! It is too hot to worry. Relax and stay positive. By doing so you satisfy 98% of your guests as well, and the other 2% is unsatisfied on the terrace of your neighbours. Focus on that 98%.

7. Treat your busy terrace as a special project

Especially if you do not have an overcrowded terrace every day, it is very helpful to approach a busy terrace as a special project. See it as a party, or a large event! Have a look at your setup, your assortment, stay fresh and focus. If guests that walk in are directly greeted and served within the first minutes, they will be more patient during their visit. These are the days you do it for, and crave for during the winter. Enjoy your work, show them how good you are. The season starts NOW!!!

By Wouter Verkerk on the 18th of April 2018


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