Trend Alert: 3D Food Printing – 3 reasons to get into it!

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Modern Dame Blanche – 3D printed

It’s a revolution happening on our plates right here, right now! 3D Food Printing is not a technology of the future, it’s currently changing the way how food is prepared and experienced; it’s researched as a potential solution for providing personalized dieting and feeding the planet in a healthy manner. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The technology is not only a cool and innovative trend, in contrary, it has a lot to offer for the food industry and is already used in practice by food professionals. Dutch chef Jan Smink, is opening his new restaurant “Smink” on the 20th of September in Wolvega with 3D-printed food on the menu. And Master Patissier Hidde de Brabander, also a chef for 24Kitchen, used the Focus 3D Food Printer to become a Master Patissier.

Are you professionally working with food? Then you should definitely get into 3D Food Printing and become a part of this revolution. Here are the 3 main reasons why.

1. Create dishes in shapes which were not possible before

celery&hazelnut paste_byJanSmink

Celery & hazelnut paste – Jan Smink

Let your innovative ideas become reality. With byFlow’s Focus 3D Food Printer you can create dishes in shapes which are not possible to achieve by hand or a mold. You can experiment with flavours and textures, by using different food ingredients (standard, fresh food ingredients – both savory and sweet), as well as with shapes and designs, to cross the boundaries of what has been known and done before. If you are looking for a tool which will boost your inspiration and let you try something new and extraordinary, good news – you’ve just found it.

2. Customize your products to meet expectations of your customers.


Customized Birthday Cake

Building on people’s desire for uniqueness, the customization hype is constantly growing. From packaging with self-designed patterns, to M&Ms with our own name on every piece of candy – the food industry is getting busy with meeting customers’ special expectations. With byFlow’s 3D Food Printer and the software dedicated to it, you can easily follow this trend and customize your food products, by changing almost every picture or even hand-drawing into a 3D-printed dish. A cake with your customer’s face in chocolate or a piece of butter served during a business dinner in the shape of your customers company logo – the possibilities are endless.

3. Offer a new eating experience to your guests


3D restaurant experience London

Food has never been more sexy and social media trending than it is right now. In this busy times where new cafes are opening on every corner of the busy streets, a world where everyone can become a food professional and everyone claims to be a food expert, it’s not an easy time to stand out. There is no better way to differentiate yourself from the competition than with doing something innovative and unique. 3D Food Printing with byFlow’s Focus printer gives a possibility to offer a completely new eating experience – not only through serving dishes in unique or customized shapes, but also through presenting the technology itself to your customers or guests. 3D Food Printing sounds and looks innovative, intriguing and thanks to that, it’s tempting. Aren’t you already curious to try a 3D-printed dish or see how it’s being prepared? Exactly, you get the point.

Top chef Jan Smink and Master Patissier Hidde de Brabander will give you goosebumps with this awesome video, presenting the Revolution of 3D Food Printing:



The Focus 3D Food Printer is a product developed and sold by byFlow – a Dutch company leading on the growing market of 3D Food Printing. Interested or want to try it out yourself? Take a look here for more information:


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