The value of placements & internships

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It feels like last month that me and my classmates were finalising our first year of college. Everyone was overly excited since we were all leaving for our first internship abroad. Away from home, away from our parents and safe pre-set environment. For me it was the first time being away from my home-base for so long, I was excited for all experiences to come. During the preparation our coaches and lecturers told us that this first placement would be highly contributing to our learning process. In what way, we had to figure out and fill-in ourselves.

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Hospitality job: You love it or you hate it! (Who are you?)

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Why people love to work in Hospitality? It is for the charisma of the job! The special atmosphere and connection you build together, the guests you serve together, the show you create together, the moments before and after rush-hour, the feeling you get when you have done it, the fun you have together.

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Personality vs. Resume

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When it comes down to preparing for a job interview we all do our utmost best. You dress nicely, you wear your favourite perfume, chosen because it is not “too overwhelming”, you do not smoke beforehand, you speak politely, you are on time; Ready. To. Rumble.


Working on a terrace? These are 7 tips for a hot day!

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Working on a terrace with too less colleagues and way too many guests? And then they also say; “What a relaxed job you have, working in the sun!” We know better. Seven terrace-tips to spice-up your working day and to keep it fun and easy for yourself during the warmest days of the season. 1. […]