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How fingerspitzengefühl helps you find a better hospitality candidate

Written by Larissa Zwart. Published on

Trusting your gut for better hospitality recruitment (7 essential rules for recruiters)  If you are an employer, director, or hotel manager, we understand how hard it is to find and keep the best candidate for your hospitality recruitment. Employers sometimes have high expectations for their candidates: ‘’I want someone with skill X, solid education at […]


How to win the War on Talent – Hospitality edition

Written by Emile Termote. Published on

The War on Talent is won with clarity and communication I’ve written it before; the talents and professionals working in our industry are our most important assets. Not the rooms, the public areas, your award-winning restaurant, bar, or spa, but the people are our most prized assets. The people who check-in our guests who spend […]


The beginning of a life-time passion

Written by Britte van Santvoort. Published on

Currently I am in my mid-twenties, a millennial trying to figure out who I am and what I want with my life. Plenty of questions that pop-up in my mind like mosquitos on a hot summer evening on a terrace, and sometimes even just as annoying. Perhaps one of the first things many of us […]


Sufficient hospitality staff is luckily not self-evident

Written by Wouter Verkerk. Published on

Obviously, this week’s papers are reporting about the staff shortage in the hospitality again. Nearly every guest noticed that in person this weekend in way too many establishments; long waiting times, no hospitable approach and clumsy types without any catering experience. If they even showed up. Too little staff was present, and it was like […]


The value of placements & internships

Written by Britte van Santvoort. Published on

It feels like last month that me and my classmates were finalising our first year of college. Everyone was overly excited since we were all leaving for our first internship abroad. Away from home, away from our parents and safe pre-set environment. For me it was the first time being away from my home-base for so long, I was excited for all experiences to come. During the preparation our coaches and lecturers told us that this first placement would be highly contributing to our learning process. In what way, we had to figure out and fill-in ourselves.

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Hospitality job: You love it or you hate it! (Who are you?)

Written by Wouter Verkerk. Published on

Why people love to work in Hospitality? It is for the charisma of the job! The special atmosphere and connection you build together, the guests you serve together, the show you create together, the moments before and after rush-hour, the feeling you get when you have done it, the fun you have together.