How hotels celebrate Easter with their guests

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Grass. Flowers. Bunnies. Chickens. Eggs. Mostly in baby pastels. Otherwise in funky bright. During Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. Nowadays on Easter, the world is obsessed with hunting chocolate eggs, cuddling bunnies and having large meals with the family.

Genuine hospitality

Easter is the perfect moment for people to book a hotel to relax and gather with the family. For hotels, the holiday seasons are hectic days. It takes a firm organisation and teamwork from all the employees to make the stay of your guests a pure delight.

Running from breakfast, brunches, lunches to afternoon teas and dinner. With an Easter swirl. To show the result of real teamwork, creativity and genuine hospitality towards guests Blogspitality created the Easter edition 2019.

Download here the Hospitality Easter Edition 2019 to find out how the hotels worldwide create Easter.

Catch the holidays

Also a simple guide to market the holidays towards your guests:

  • Before the holiday – Organise an event. And keep the need of your guests as the top priority. If it is Easter or another holiday, organising an event gives you bonus points. Examples: live music, mini art exhibitions or a quiz.
    Not only will the guests share their experience with friends and family but also their digital friend will find out how well you care for your guests. Of course: do communicate the event beforehand!
  • During – Meals and decoration. Holiday meals are the moment for your kitchen staff to show their craftsmanship. Besides the three common meals, organising a special festive brunch or afternoon tea could be a pleasant surprise.
    Think about the decoration you want the place in your hotel. With a little effort, you can buy the most beautiful spring flowers, table linen and ribbons to catch the Easter feeling. Easy marketing, because guests love to pose in front of a bunch of flowers or arty decorations.
  • After– Spread the word. Or actually spread the look. When you have put the hard work in making an extraordinary Easter for your guests, how you are you sharing that experience? It sounds logical, but since you are so busy that day, it is easily forgotten to share a moment on social media. Second, check through your social media software to see when and where the name of your hotel is mentioned. Send the person a little thank you in their comment section.

We have collected one of the most beautiful and creative Easter creations from hotels worldwide. Download here the Hospitality Easter Edition 2019 to find out how the hotels worldwide create Easter.


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