Hospitality job: You love it or you hate it! (Who are you?)

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Why people love to work in Hospitality? It is for the charisma of the job! The special atmosphere and connection you build together, the guests you serve together, the show you create together, the moments before and after rush-hour, the feeling you get when you have done it, the fun you have together. The feeling of togetherness you won’t feel anywhere else, the lessons you learn from your older colleagues, the ‘fast-track course’ in people knowledge you join automatically, eye for the other, which you will definitely develop.


Because of the flavours you get to know, the stories behind the products, the tips you receive resulting from appreciation and disappointments that, unfortunately, are part of the job as well. Because of the diners together, the care for each other, the feeling that you do not work, but actually do. The connection that you build with your colleagues that is so strong that you even drink coffee with them on your days off. For the feeling you get every day for being welcome, where you can feel at home, safe and protected. A place where guests, colleagues, suppliers and random passengers appreciate you for being you. A place that challenges you everyday to become a better version of yourself. A place where your teacher is annoying sometimes, but truly helps you.

Why people stop…

The reason people do not want to work in Hospitality (anymore)? Because there is no appreciation, no cooperation, because the atmosphere is shit, because the employer solely looks at staff expenses, because you are not guided, because nothing is ever explained, because guests complain it takes too long, because there is no innovation, because you cannot be yourself, because the food is poor every day, because we are always short in hands, because there is plenty of attention for the things that do not go as planned…

No growth

Because I am standing still and can never learn anything. Because I feel embarrassed to tell people where I work, because everybody is smoking the entire day, because we drink so much after work that we wake up feeling worse than before. Because I cannot stand this rhythm anymore, because I want to have a life outside of my job, because it gives me a bad self-image, because I want to believe this is all normal, because there is plenty of work in other branches. Because I deserve better.

Every Hospitality entrepreneur should question him or herself one thing this week: Which part would my employees have written? The top? Or the bottom?! Come on, take care of your squad!

By Wouter Verkerk on 10th of April 2018


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