Customer is King… But we’re the boss!

Written by Wouter Verkerk. Published on

‘Good evening, this is Simon Verankeren, I would like to reserve a table for tomorrow night. We are with four adults and four children, but I presume you still know!’

Indeed, we still know, good talking to you, Simon. After your last visit to our restaurant I tried to call you a couple of times, unfortunately with no success. I also sent you a message, haven’t you read that?

Call back

‘That I had to call back, that’s right, I’m sorry. It slipped my mind. Have we left anything behind last time? It was one of those late evenings, huh! Hahahaha’

Well Simon, to tell you the truth, you did not leave anything behind, I was calling to tell you I do not appreciate you and your company visiting our restaurant again. We have received multiple complaints from other guests concerning that evening, and also, our staff addressed against the behaviour of the children and the volume at your table.

‘It wasn’t that bad, right? Well, of course we had a couple of drinks, but it wasn’t really that bad, right?’

Simon, it actually was that bad. Your children sincerely drove us mad. They didn’t listen to you, but they also didn’t listen to any of us. They were running through the restaurant, harassing other guests and acted if they were in a huge playground. It was life threatening and it was extremely noisy. Next to that, you had drunk way too much yourselves and were ranting about the most bizarre, abhorrent subjects in a preposterous volume, Simon. That was just not acceptable.

Children have to play

‘Well, children have to play, you know. What a whining. You have been young yourself, right? And we were just having fun. You really are exaggerating. A good restaurant does at least take care of the entertainment of the children. I think you just don’t have your business organised correctly!’

I disagree with that statement, but you might think that. Another reason why you should not come back to our place. We have experienced a very bothering evening, so did the other guests. The only thing I sincerely regret is that I did not kick you out of the restaurant during that evening itself. I wanted to let you know myself, which is the reason for my messages.

‘You leave me no choice but leaving a very nasty review about this, and I will do that. How dare you talking to a guest like that?! Have you got any idea about the meaning of hospitality? Refusing to accept me and my company, who do you think you are? With that mediocre restaurant of yours! You will hear from me!’

Sure Simon, whatever you like. I wish you a very pleasant day.

This story was based on an event that occurred last month in Northern part of Holland. Of course, the name of Simon Verankeren is not the name of the concerned guest. Perhaps you spot the review of this situation somewhere, at least you know the other side of the story!


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