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Steenbruggen, Roos-profile-blogspitality-page-blogger-icing-on-the-cakeBorn on the 13th of April 1995, Roos Steenbruggen is hospitality manager at Icing on the Cake and author for Blogspitality.

“We love to be, that Icing on the Cake”

In order to increase brand recognition and create a sales boost for your company, Roos and her team brainstorm for the most refreshing and creative concepts. To implement these concepts and create an ultimate hospitality experience, they deploy their sparkling hosts and hostesses, promotional teams, catering staff, entertaining tools and models. Next to her work for Icing, Roos is a true hospitality enthusiast. She loves going out for dinners and experience service, lovely dishes and amazing atmospheres. In order for people to see her favourite hotspots, she introduced #missstonebridgehotspot. This allows people to check her favourite restaurants in the world. Places as Bangkok, Aruba, Hong Kong, London, Rhodos, Lisboa, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and more Dutch cities are featured.

Roos already works for more than seven years in the hospitality branch. She started working in a brasserie where everything was quite simple and relaxed. The concepts that followed were a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, a hotel, a private members club in London, a very American-inspired restaurant in Aruba. She also worked for the best restaurant in her hometown where the service was the most important feature.

“I discovered challenges, culinary aspects, creativity and being hospitable are the aspects of the hospitality that really appeal to me. I experienced that hospitality is fitting perfectly with my character and life institution. I love to surprise people with amazing courses and a phenomenal service but also the total managing process in an organization really attract me because of the behind psychology which it brings to it.”

Inspirational Video

Roos and her team just landed Icing on the Cake Commercial, which they are very proud of. All their core values are incorporated in the refreshing video. Check it out!

Good memory

“An absolute amazing memory was a gala at the Private Gentlement’s Club Brooks’s in London, where I did my internship. I saw extremely classy people wearing dresses, big hats and enormous pearls. I was absolutely stunned by the etiquette of this group of people and loved to observe the sophisticated manners they had.”



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