Ramon Beuk

Ramon Beuk, blogger at Blogspitality.com

Ramon Beuk

Ramon Beuk, born in Suriname on the 2nd of february 1971, is a true hospitality entrepreneur and previous television chef. He is a great fan of developing new concepts, and obviously, cooking.

“To create, to give and to make one happy”

He might be known for presenting ‘Born to Cook’ on NET5, several books and multiple columns in De Telegraaf (NL). He has a passion for hospitality since he saw the impact the food his mother created had on the feeling of community. The essential part of this was that feeling of belong, therefore, he aims to create, to give and to make one happy. In the video below one of his favourite concepts he has done is represented; Restaurant VOOREENMAAND (Restaurant for a Month). What he liked best in this concept was the interactiveness with the guest, co-creation and the sharing principle. For him, this is what hospitality stands for.

Inspirational Video