Laurens van Luin


laurens-van-luin-manic-organic-blogspitalityBorn on the 15th of May, Laurens van Luin is owner and founder of Manic Organic, a sustainable high-quality catering company located in The Hague. Laurens is very proud of his food trucks which are present at plenty of food festivals around. These are called The Flexitaria and Sexy Mother Trucker.

“I rather regret what I’ve done, than regret what I haven’t done.”

When Laurens was 26 years old, he graduated from Hotelschool The Hague. He left for an adventure abroad, but soon figured out he was seriously ill. For two years this had a large impact on his life. This is the moment he decided as soon he would be better, he wanted to do something meaningful. He combined his desire to make an impact with his passion for hospitality and food. Before realizing what he had in mind, he gained seven years of working experience. This gave him the opportunity to figure out what his strengths are and to develop his plan.

Working for several sustainable companies did him realize that the operation was often not as organic as they pretended to be. His dream to work with organic products and biological food was his take-off point for his own company; Manic Organic. In every undertaken action the durable, sustainable and organic aspect is present. This he did seven years ago, which was a very big deal back then. This was during the economic crisis, people advised him not to bother about biological food and sustainability. Laurens stuck to his plan and continued his path. He wants to make sustainability a sexy and fun thing, something in which he definitely succeeded.

Manic Organic has won several rewards for being a very successful sustainable, organic, biological company. In 2016 Manic Organic won the award for most sustainable company. These were encouragers for Laurens, and confirmed that he was heading in the right direction. He also won the best veggie /vegan food truck concept by 24Kitchen!

Inspirational Video

Good memory

“When I was 12, I started working already. Four years ago, I assisted with catering a dance event in Istanbul, bringing food to DJ Hardwell! There was also a moment I runned into Wesley Sneijder, and then I got asked to be his private chef for half a year.”