Hidde de Brabander

Hidde de Brabander is blogger at Blogspitality.com

Hidde de Brabander is blogger at Blogspitality.com

Born on the 5th of November 1980, Hidde de Brabander is proud owner and founder of the patisserie brand ‘Dreams of Magnolia’. He has worked as Pastry Chef for several high-end Michelin star restaurants such as Parkheuvel and De Librije.

“Dreams of Magnolia is a grown-up candy shop”

Hidde achieved his title Master Pastry Chef (Meester Patissier) in 2018, which he was the first one in eight years to do so. In his article ‘Inspiration for masterpieces comes from within’ he elaborates on his inspiration for achieving his title. Hidde is an absolute connoisseur in his field of work. After working for several chocolatiers in the highest segment and his work as Pastry Chef for the amazing restaurants he decided it was time to start his own brand, Dreams of Magnolia. Next to this Hidde is the sweet chef of 24Kitchen, Chairman of Gouden Gard and Professional SugarDaddy, as he calls himself.

Perfect nougat

Hidde is famous for his perfect nougat (and many more), which he creates in many different varieties. In the video below he explains how to make the perfect nougat at home.