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Born on the 4th of November 1993: Britte van Santvoort is co-Editor in Chief and Content Creator & Controller at and all-round hospitality professional. She studied at Hotelschool The Hague, BA in Hospitality Management.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by the changes you make.”

Britte-van-Santvoort-foto-gitaar-profielBritte loves going out for dinners at special (undiscovered) spots and enjoying good wines and aged whisky. She has a passion for hospitality ever since she started working for Ramon Beuk, which she elaborates on in her article “The beginning of a life-time passion”. In 2016 she started her own company in hospitality assistance. Since then she has executed several projects for national and international clients on operational and strategical level.

Britte is currently focusing on gathering the purest, best stories from the hospitality branch, to publish these on Blogspitality. She believes in transmitting the passion for the hospitality profession through story sharing of people that give their heart and soul to what they do. Next to her work for Blogspitality, she works for and for a renowned hospitality executive search bureau.

Inspirational Video

The video below has inspired her; Britte thinks that the focus on positivity and possibilities for people to make changes by using their intrinsic power and energy should work empowering.


Good memory

“The restaurant manager thought he was so very, very funny, and was a bit of a bully sometimes. This was totally appropriate for the setting, but of course, we had to get back at him. By the time he “tasted” a couple of wines he said he took off for an early evening home. You should have seen his face when he discovered we put his keys, vacuumed in a plastic bag, in a large kitchen tray filled with water, earlier that day. Hey ice cube, happy hatching!”


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