Bas Huisman


Picture by ALEX MULDER

Born on the 12th of July 1998, Bas Huisman is working with a lot of passion for ‘De Reestlandhoeve’. This is a vineyard and care-farm that creates a variety of Dutch wines. Bas is currently a student and author at

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!”

De Reestlandhoeve is well known for their high-quality wines which are very rich in minerals. Bas, John and Wilma Huisman compose the wines with much love and passion, to create an unforgettable Reestlander wine. Next to this, they give back to the community with their vineyard… Bas enjoys experimenting with new varieties of grapes and wood to create the perfect wine. His passion started in 2003, when his parents started the vineyard. From that moment onward, the family worked side-by-side to surprise the customers every time.

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