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We are building Blogspitality! The brand new international platform for hospitality blogs, opinions, insights, news & more. We are currently building our blogplatform and are looking for true hospitality professionals to become official blogger at Blogspitality.


The pricing is based on a long-term partnership in which we will build your personal brand (and optionally also your company brand) permanently. So to start-up your profile and details, we only charge € 197 one-off. When your employer or company becomes partner as well, we will deduct this one-off fee to just € 97! Blogfees start at € 47 per blogpost, up to for example just € 497 for sponsored content.


Unique and only at Blogspitality, managed blogging. We assist you with full-managed-blogposting, so you just write the content and we take care of the contentmanagement for posting the blog and for example SEO optimising.


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